Absolutely – the SRA car has been run in competition for 5 complete seasons. A Honda drivetrain combined with a chassis designed specifically for the track have given owners years of trouble free driving.


Yes! The SRA car is very quick around the track due in part to its lightweight nature. The car weighs in at 1350lbs…..and has 230hp which makes for a great combination. In addition to great acceleration the car has great braking and cornering abilities.


 The SRA is very roomy for an exotic race car; current owners come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. We have current owners in sizes up to 6’3” and 270lbs. The SRA car provides legroom for a driver that may have an inseam up to 36”.



Not at all in comparison to other cars of comparable, or even lesser performance. The lightweight nature of the car is very easy on consumables. Components on the cars were specifically chosen to allow lower running cost, easy replacement, while not compromising performance.

  • Brakes – one set per season
  • Tires – 4-5 hard track days/races per set
  • Fuel – 3-4 gallons per 30 minute session
  • Engine rebuilds – in 5 years we have not rebuilt an engine yet based on intended use.

Yes. Roadsport Ariel will provide ranging levels of support from simple parts sales to complete trackside support as required. We can make running the car as easy as you need it.

The SRA car is designed off of the successful Ariel Atom 3 platform with track specific modification to aide in reliability, durability, and safety. To date there are close to 100 SRA cars in North America. It is truly a unique driving experience.


Yes. A black chassis is standard, however you can choose a different powder coat colour if you wish. Body panels can also be painted. Some clients choose to buy an additional set of body panels that allows them for quick changes for various shows, races, or sponsors. Roadsport Ariel also offers decal and wrapping options to make your SRA truly unique to your personality.

The SRA car is very well suited to a wide variety of competitive goals. Over the years we have seen drivers move from simple tracks days all the way to the front of the grid. We have also seen drivers who are tired of spending money at the pro, and semi-pro levels come back to the SRA series to enjoy driving again.

A sprint style format will be used with an estimated race time between 20-30 minutes.

No – not at all. If you are not ready for racing just yet that is fine – the SRA car makes for a perfect lapping day car.


Contact Roadsport Ariel by filing out the contact form on the contact page.


All drivers will be required to hold a CASC Regional license or equivalent from an approved sanctioning body. Talk with our team at Roadsport Ariel and we can help you get all set up.

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